I am a 28-year old artist from Belgium with a great passion for charcoal. Ever since I was a child, I drew on all the papers or magazines I could get my hands on. During my teenage years, drawing became less important and I kind of forgot about my soon to be discovered passion. It was around 2016 during tougher times that I started drawing seriously with black markers. After a year I made the shift to charcoal, and I've never stopped using it. In 2018 I enrolled in an art degree program (subject: drawing – 7 years) at Kunstacademie in Halle.

I have been working on a mysterious and dark chiaroscuro style throughout the past years. My works are mainly mysterious portraits or images of abandoned spaces and landscapes, where there is a lot to discover and feel. I usually take a picture of a moment in my daily life where I really feel I must depict it. I then draw this image realistically, with a surrealistic touch. I also base myself on my lucid dreams.


Another important aspect for me is the contrasting interaction between light and darkness. A dark image with rays of light can be mesmerizing, and I always try to focus on this by using the white of the paper itself.


I mainly use charcoal because it is, for now, the only medium where I have the feeling that it comes from within.

My works vary from small A4s to large works.


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in an artwork, or if you want to know more regarding anything. I am also open for assignments. Visit the assignments page to learn more about my services.


8000 - Brugge
October - November 2022
Rodeart / Kunstkring 10x10
1640 - Sint-Genesius-Rode
September 2022
Kunst in het Dorp
1674 - Bellingen
September 2021
Alizarine (solo show)
1500 - Halle
May 2021
CC 't Vondel
1500 - Halle
February 2021
1500 - Halle
July 2019
1640 - Sint-Genesius-Rode
May 2019
1640 - Sint-Genesius-Rode
March 2017

Jan Boex