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Jan Boex (Halle, 1993) is a visual artist specializing in drawing. He honed his skills by enrolling in the 5-year fine art program at the Kunstacademie in Halle, where he further developed his craft. His work is characterized by a mysterious style, delving into enigmatic spaces, portraits, and landscapes. The interplay between light and darkness is a prominent feature of his art.

"My process begins with capturing a moment that deeply resonates with me, then bringing that image to life through a blend of realism and a sense of mysteriousness."


RodeYoungArt • Sint-Genesius-Rode • March 2017 (group)

RodeYoungArt  Sint-Genesius-Rode • May 2019 (group)

PAND356  Halle • July 2019 (group)

CC 't Vondel  Halle • February 2021 (group)

Alizarine • Halle • May 2021 (solo)

Kunst in het Dorp  Bellingen • September 2021 (group)

Rodeart / Kunstkring 10x10  Sint-Genesius-Rode • September 2022 (group)

In Between Art  Brugge • October 2022 (duo)

PAND • Halle • July - September 2023 (group)
Rodeart / Kunstkring 10x10 • Sint-Genesius-Rode • October 2023 (group)

Green Door Gallery • Brussels • December 2023 - January 2024 (group)

Coming up:

TBA • Halle • April 2024 (solo)


Jan Boex

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