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Jan Boex


Jan Boex (Halle, 1993) is a visual artist specializing in drawing. He honed his skills by enrolling in the 5-year fine art program at the Kunstacademie in Halle, where he further developed his craft. His work is characterized by a mysterious style, delving into enigmatic spaces, portraits, and landscapes. The interplay between light and darkness is a prominent feature of his art.

In his art, Boex explores themes of emptiness, the absurdity of life, and the quest for meaning. He is particularly drawn to the concept of loneliness and the pursuit of personal significance in a world driven by the rat race. Boex finds beauty in abandoned, desolate places, as well as the overlooked corners of lively environments. He believes that even in the absence of clear meaning, there is something special to be discovered. Through his art, Boex aims to showcase this unique form of beauty.


"My process begins with capturing a moment that deeply resonates with me, then bringing that image to life through a blend of realism and a sense of mysteriousness."


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